Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Zac & Stella cooking

We have been learning about how things are made using ingredients and following a recipe. I researched and found Crunchy cookies.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Respect Poem

Super listening
Chores must done
Tell the truth

This is a poem I made about Respect. Hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Safety in the bush - Reading

We read the comic type story called Lost in the Bush (School Journal Nov 16). We were doing prediction using our own knowledge and thinking about what we saw and read happening. We had to infer how their actions would impact on the outcome for the characters. Here's my Tellagami about some rules for staying safe in the bush.

Monday, 20 November 2017

My first go at Improptu speaking

WALA: how to speak confidently about a topic and speaking 'off the top of our head'.

Friday, 15 September 2017

My Poem - Poetry week and Peotry writing competition

This is my poem that I entered in the poetry competition in Greymouth Library. We had been learning how to craft poems last term and then we used them this term.


The moss is juicy green,
super soft.
The sad soggy moss
lying down
like 100 curls ripping into the ground
The moss is a little oval ant crawling up the green tree.

Hare and Tortoise - learning to craft a Narrative

At writing time the Year 4s have been writing a Narrative about Hare and Tortoise.
We are learning how to show the reader a story using:

  1. Orientation, complication, series of events and a resolution
  2. Description of characters
  3. Speaking or thoughts of characters
  4. What happens before or after an event 
Here is my narrative so far. There are bits I have to go back and finish or improve.

Rendered Image

One clear sunny day a slippery yellow tortoise was plodding down the brown stoney path in the park. A slim, speedy Hare challenged him to a race.


However the tall, brown hare was already sprinting ahead of tortoise down the track.

Series of Events

Suddenly Hare stopped. He thought he would be so far ahead of the plodding tortoise.
“I’m a bit tired” thought Hare. "I might just lay here for a bit."

Meanwhile Tortoise was coming....
"Yahoo!" thought Tortoise to himself when he saw the Hare...

The very next moment Hare woke with a start!
"I wonder how long I have  been asleep for?" thought Hare.
He turned around but Tortoise was nowhere to be seen. 

"I’m pooped!" Hare yelled out as he ...
He looked...
Tortoise had won the race!
"How did he do that?" Hare .... to himself.    
All my hard work paid off." Tortoise chuckled as he...